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The metro area features three distinct cities with multiple surrounding communities.

Encompassing Cass County on the North Dakota side of the Red River and Clay County on the Minnesota side, the metro area has a population of almost 253,000. It offers all the amenities (and opportunities) of a big city with a small-town feel. So how does Fargo Moorhead stack up against other cities? Pretty well if you ask me; people who’ve moved here recently tend to agree. With a relatively young, well-educated population at the peak of their working career, our area is a prime location for talent in a variety of industries. Clean air and water, short drive times, friendly people, and a powerful sense of community make the metro area a wonderful place to live.

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The metro area's strong economy, exceptional schools, and world-class health care afford us a quality of life that’s hard to beat. You’ll find housing to match your lifestyle and budget, a range of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, and plenty of opportunities to grow and advance.



Is it as cold here as they say it is? YES!  But with that unspeakable cold, we get unforgettable beauty and lots of fun. Summers are hot, sunny, and gorgeous all-around. Fall is crisp, brilliant, and a little shorter than we’d like. And spring? You'll never be happier to see it.
Summer Average 82°
Winter Average 16°

In the Classroom


Education is top notch in Fargo Moorhead. 94% of people who live here have more than a high school education compared to an average of 88% nationwide. Plus, with three universities and multiple private and public-school districts, one in three people is engaged or works with some type of educational facility. That’s part of the reason we have one of the best elementary and secondary systems in the nation. Our private schools network features everything from religious-based philosophies to Montessori programs. Fargo-Moorhead is also home to Division I, II and III universities, a unique Tri-College University consortium, and a robust system of community, technical and business colleges.

Medical Team


Fargo Moorhead is a regional health-care center that combines many areas of expertise with a Midwestern passion for caring. We have two regional medical centers, Sanford Health and Essentia Health, providing exceptional general and specialty services, including acute care in cancer and cardiovascular health. The Fargo VA Health Care System provides health care services to veterans in North Dakota, western Minnesota, and northeast South Dakota. An array of independent clinics and practitioners, specializing in state-of-the art offerings, also serve the community:

The benefits of living here far outweigh the costs; however, it is helpful to be armed with good data. Find out how much it costs to live here compared to other metro areas.

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