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Emergency Rent Bridge Still Available

This is the last week North Dakotans will receive the extra $600/week Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation benefit. This assistance allowed individuals and families impacted by COVID-19 layoffs to pay their rent and other household bills.

With these payments ending, North Dakotans who are relying on unemployment may struggle to pay their rent and need to know that help is still available through North Dakota's Emergency Rent Bridge (ERB.) The ERB provides qualifying households with short-term assistance by paying a portion of their rent until they see a recovery of their household income. These rent payments are made directly to housing providers (registration with the state vendor system is required).

Renters can apply online on the North Dakota Department of Human Services website. The website outlines the application processes for both renters and the housing providers. It includes a FAQs document, flyers that can be shared with households who are struggling to pay the rent, and ERB’s income and rent limits.

Need help? Contact 701-328-2538 or


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