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Your House Could be at the Top of a Homebuyer’s Holiday Wish List

Each year, homeowners planning to make a move are faced with a decision: should they sell their house during the holidays or wait? And homeowners who have already listed may be thinking about taking their home off the market and waiting until next year to put it back on.

Here are four great reasons you shouldn’t wait to sell your house:

  1. While the supply of homes for sale has increased in the last few months, there still isn’t enough to keep up with buyer demand.

  2. Purchasers who look for homes during the holidays are serious buyers. Eager millennials and employees, who often relocate at the start of a new year, are looking for their next home now.

  3. Rents are rising. Many buyers are looking to escape rising rents and avoid falling into the rental trap for another year. Your home could be the answer to leaving renting behind for good.

  4. You can get a jump on the competition. The holidays may have other sellers waiting until after the first of the year. You can minimize disruptions by restricting the showings on your house to days and times that are most convenient for you.

Bottom Line

There are buyers actively looking to purchase a home right now. Your house might be just what they’re looking for. Reach out to me today to determine if selling now is your best move.

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