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Prepare for Vacation with Home Safety Checklist

It's that time of year... temperatures go down and vacation plans go up! To help you prepare for your well-deserved vacation, and keep your mind at ease while you're away, I've compiled the following list to help keep your house safe.

  1. Lock doors and windows. There's nothing worse than wondering if you remembered to lock the door or close that first-floor window. Right now is a good time to replace any broken locks and make sure all of your locks are working properly.

  2. Make the residence look occupied. Try to make things as normal as possible while you're gone. Keep your blinds in their normal position, hire someone to clear the snow, ask neighbors to park in your driveway, place a hold on mail/deliveries, etc.

  3. Use timers. Having lights, TVs, radios, etc. turn on and off at normal times is an easy way to make it seem like someone is home. Nothing says you're away like a dark house multiple nights in a row.

  4. Beware of social media. be careful of what you post and share online. By sharing your vacation pictures and travel plans online, you're advertising that your residence is unattended.

  5. Tell select people that you'll be away. Ask neighbors to keep an eye on your property and leave a phone where you can be reached in case of an emergency. Notify the police if you'll be gone longer than a week and consider asking a friend or neighbor to check in on things while you're away.

  6. Remove your spare key. If you keep a spare key hidden outside of your residence, either take it with you or leave it with a neighbor. A criminal will often check for a spare key if they're trying to enter your home.

Now go and enjoy that vacation! And think of me back here, in the snow, helping home buyers and sellers. I'm so glad I love my job!


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