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Temporary Rental Assistance to Eligible ND Renters

To help individuals and families who are experiencing a loss of income due to COVID-19, the state of North Dakota has created an Emergency Rent Bridge.

To qualify,

  • renters must be experiencing an economic hardship that is COVID-related,

  • have a lease and limited savings and other resources, and

  • be income qualified. A month-to-month lease is acceptable.

To determine eligibility, renters complete a survey that provides qualified households with a preliminary approval via email. The renter shares this email with their housing provider to indicate that they have applied for rental assistance. To receive the assistance, the renter is required to verify their income and available resources. The Rent Bridge staff reviews the application and, if they qualify, the renter receives an Emergency Rent Bridge Confirmation ID Number to facilitate payment.

Before a housing provider receives the payment, they must create a vendor account in ND’s Office of Management and Budget Supplier Registry. The account is used to validate the rent due for each renter who applies for assistance. Only one vendor account is needed unless a housing provider manages multiple properties that each have a different bank account.

To learn more about the Rent Bridge, visit the program’s website. The site outlines the processes for both renters and housing providers, includes a FAQs document, flyers that can be shared with renters who are struggling to pay the rent, and the income and rent limits.


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